Dario Mitidieri

Joins Process

We are very pleased and excited to be welcoming London based Dario Mitidieri into the Process stable. Best known for his reportage work, Italian born Dario's career has seen him document some of the most important events in modern history. With his acute eye and ability to see what many other photographers don't, Dario's work offers the viewer an intense and iconic view of life around the world. Notably in 1989, Dario travelled to China to document the peaceful demonstration of students in Tiananmen Square, little knowing that a few days later he would photograph one of the most brutal army repressions in living memory. For his work he was awarded British Press Photographer of the Year.

Dario's book CHILDREN OF BOMBAY has been published in six languages. The result of a year long project about the lives of street children, the book has given a voice to those who occupy the very bottom rung of India's social ladder. Through his regular collaborations with advertising clients, design groups and NGO's, Dario continues to communicate his ideas and vision through documentary photography.

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