Dario Mitidieri

Personal Work

Christmas 2015 saw Dario and his young family travel extensively in Myanmar. Whilst there, Dario captured a number of wonderful images documenting this extraordinary country as it undergoes a political transformation. We're thrilled to share this project, (and Dario's entry into this years' AOP Awards) We are proud to announce that Dario is a finalist in the 'Project' section, and we wish him the best of luck! 


"Following the release of Aung San Suu Kyi, who spent 15 years under house arrest, Burma (or Myanmar) is slowly opening up to tourism.
Burma will hold a general election on 8 November, in a vote that holds the promise of being the next step towards full democracy for a nation run by a repressive military junta for nearly half a century. But many problems still remain. Aung San Suu Kyi is constitutionally barred to run from the presidency, political opponents are still held in prison, and the regime has a tight grip on the national media. 
Furthermore, the government continues to receive international condemnation for its brutal oppression of the Rohingya people and other ethnic minority groups. Is Burma going through a real and legitimate transition, or is it a just a democratic fairytale?"


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